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22 Dec 2011

How to Stop Drooling While Sleeping

It is an embarrassing condition which you rather not discuss even with friends or partner. But you don't need to suffer in silence. Each night, millions of people wake up from bed drooling, and want to think it's just part of their REM sleep nightmare.

Sleep relaxes the body. Your mouth isn't spared. An open jaw while sleeping on your side or stomach is an open invitation for drooling. What can you do about it? Is there a cure for drooling?

The following tips will help you have a drool-free sleep.

Sleep on your back
A simple solution and the gravity will make sure your drool will remain in the oral cavity and get swallowed. But often changing the sleep posture is easier said than done.

Practice deep breathing
Breathing through the mouth is one factor that increases drooling. Deep breathing promotes breathing through the nose and prevents mouth breathing.

Check your medications
Certain drugs like sedatives and anti-epileptic medication, can increase your salivary secretions thus promoting drooling. If you are on long term medications, check with your doctor to see if your medication has any triggers for drooling.

Get an ENT check up
If you continue to suffer from drooling, then it is better to get your nasal passages and throat checked by an ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) specialist.

Weight reduction
Obesity specially around your neck can increase the neck girth and compress everything within the neck. This worsens drooling.

Control your stress level
Stress and worrying triggers mouth breathing and indirectly causes drooling.

Use mouth guards with care
Mouth guards worn to prevent grinding of teeth can also act as a promoter of drooling.

If all the above measures fail, you can try covering your pillow with a towel or similar absorbent. This reduces the nasty spilling of saliva.


  1. ..and if on the back, then one could worry about salive sliding back and into the lungs including all the bacteria in the mouth, giving a nice chance of developing pneumonia...

    1. That can happen only if the swallowing reflex is impaired

  2. I just duck tape my mouth.. LMAO!

  3. Sleeping on your back simply makes you snore...I don't want that either.


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