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9 Oct 2013

How to Deal with Your Partner's Snoring

This is a guest contribution by Adrian Zacher of

Picture of a woman dealing with a snoring partnerWhether you or your partner is snoring – don’t fight about it. It’s all too easy to argue and never really get to a solution... instead try these constructive ideas below to stop that snoring noise!

But before we dive into that; an important question: is the snorer excessively sleepy in the day? If yes then seek help from your doctor by asking about obstructive sleep apnea.

OK, here are few tips to help you with a snoring partner….

Timing - find your moment

Like delivery of the punch line to a good joke – timing is critical. If you want to discuss something that is very personal and may make your partner defensive, be sensitive to when they might take on board what you are saying.

Try to be calm - it’s how you say things

If you have spent night after night awake listening to their snoring or ‘have had a gutful’ of the noise and now sleep in the spare room or on the sofa you may launch into a tirade against the offending snorer. That doesn’t help your cause!

Propose a course of action

Investigate the options first –do your homework. Find out what that the snorer can do about the racket they cause. Your local family Doctor is a good starting point.

The snorer may otherwise throw the “What do you want me to do about it?” line at you. As they may feel helpless, defensive and think there is nothing they can do to stop snoring and think you are just moaning.

Support and encourage

Plant the seed in the mind of the snorer, that there is an issue that they can resolve. Then be patient (but do persist!) and encourage them to act. Offer to go with them to the Doctor – but try not to take over the conversation when you are there.

Follow up

Like a good salesperson – follow up on your activities to encourage the snorer to change their ways. This is absolutely critical!

In a Nutshell...
Snoring is more than just a nuisance and is eminently treatable. Evidence suggests it is a health issue for the snorer regardless of the presence of sleep apnea. Good Luck and I hope you sleep well.

About the Author: Adrian Zacher is the founder of a website devoted to anonymous home sleep studies and Jargon-Busted, evidence-based, How-to-Choose Guides about the various treatment options for snoring and obstructive sleep apnea.


  1. Thank you, for inviting me to create this post. The long suffering partner's of snorers sometimes need a little help and encouragement.

    1. This blog post is a good starting point for those with snoring partners. If you want more specific and in depth coverage of the topic, you can always visit, which is designed specifically to help people deal with sleep apnea.

  2. Dealing with a partner's snoring is such a hard thing to be patient at. Maybe an anti-snoring mouthpiece can help you and your partner. There are lots of them in the market today.


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