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23 Feb 2014's Guide on How to Choose PAP Therapy

If you are diagnosed with sleep apnea, one of the treatment options is Positive Airway Pressure (PAP) therapy. It is reserved for people with moderate to severe sleep apnea that responds poorly to lifestyle changes and weight reduction.

Finding the right PAP machine can be a daunting task. Unlike any other piece of equipment we use, PAP machines are worn during our sleep. So for satisfactory results it needs to fit into your lifestyle and sleep style!

Finding details about different PAP machines can be confusing. A quick Google search will bring up about a million search results. The's guide is a perfect starting point for anyone wanting to learn about starting PAP therapy.

Here are few reasons why you should read this guide before embarking on your PAP therapy.
  • The entire guide is written in a simple, easily understandable language. And immediately explains any 'jargon' or abbreviations.
  • The guide is well illustrated.
  • Addresses issues that are commonly encountered by novice PAP users.
  • The guide can be easily read in an hour.
  • It is independent ( has no affiliations with PAP machine manufacturers). So it is not biased towards one type of PAP machine.
  • And it's free!

You can download your copy of this guide here

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